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DIGOXIN-SANDOZ 0.250 mg tablet Taken by mouth.

Active ingredient
Each tablet contains 0.250 mg of digoxin.

Stearic acid, gelatin, talc, corn starch, lactose.
What is DIGOXIN-Sandoz and what is it used for?

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ tablets are white or whitish, round, flat, beveled edge, split notch and engraving "VU" code on one side and "SANDOZ" engraving on the other side.

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ is presented in blister packages containing 50 tablets.

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ is a heart medication and is only recommended by a doctor and sold by prescription. It contains digoxin as an active ingredient; this is a type of heart glycoside obtained from a plant called Digitalis in Latin.

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ increases the strength of heart muscle fibers and the efficiency of heart muscles with its active substance. Thus, heart function improves and heart rhythm returns to normal. This improves the blood circulation of other organs and prevents fluid accumulation (eg in the legs).

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ is used temporarily or permanently in adults and children to increase heart work power. DIGOXIN-SANDOZ can also be used in some heart rhythm disorders.
3.How to use DIGOXIN-Sandoz?

The dose required for each patient varies depending on the case. Your doctor will decide the most appropriate dose of the following according to your situation. Follow your doctor's instructions.

• Fast digitization: (24-36 hours) 1-1.5 mg = 4-6 tablets in case of emergency followed by 0.25 mg = 1 tablet at appropriate intervals until compensation.

• Slow digitization: (3-5 days) 0.5-1.5 mg = 2-6 tablets per day, divided into several times, until compensation.

Maintenance therapy: 0.125-0.75 mg = 1 / 2-3 tablets per day. This dose can also be given from the start of treatment.

Application route and method

DIGOXIN-SANDOZ tablets are taken by mouth.

Swallow the tablets with some water.
Different age groups

Use in children
Doses for children are different from those for adults. Your doctor will decide the most appropriate dose of the following.

In children under 10 years old;

Fast digitalization (24-36 hours) in case of emergency:

0.025 mg / kg (usually 2 to 4 doses are sufficient), divided at appropriate intervals until compensation.

Maintenance therapy: 0.01-0.02 mg / kg per day. A few days after the start the situation is checked, if necessary, the posology is adjusted.

Use in the elderly
Elderly patients generally require lower doses compared to young and middle-aged patients. Side effects are more likely to occur in elderly patients. Your doctor will decide on the most appropriate dosage based on your situation.

Special use cases

In cases of kidney or liver failure, the dose should be reduced. Your doctor will decide on the most appropriate dosage based on your situation.
4. What are the possible side effects?

Like all medicines, DIGOXIN-Sandoz may have side effects in people who are sensitive to its ingredients.

The following undesirable effects can occur:

Common: Adverse effects in the heart (e.g. too slow or too fast heartbeat, heartbeat irregularity), anorexia (excessive wasting), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, mental confusion, drowsiness, fatigue, decreased energy, facial area aches.

Rare: Visual disturbances, impaired vision of green / yellow colors, abdominal pain, confusion, delirium, disorientation, speech problems, nightmares, psychosis, perception difficulties, breast enlargement in men, allergic reactions (such as itching, rash)
2.Things to watch out for before using DIGOXIN-Sandoz
DO NOT USE DIGOXIN-Sandoz in the following situations


If you have a history of allergy or poisoning (hypersensitivity) to digoxin or any other cardiac glycoside or to any of the other ingredients of DIGOXIN-SANDOZ listed at the beginning of this instruction.

If you have a heart conduction and rhythm disorder (except those using pacemakers)

If you have electrolyte (potassium, magnesium or calcium in the blood) imbalance, thyroid gland dysfunction,

• If you have an enlarged heart,

• If you have concomitant intravenous calcium salt use, DIGOXIN-SANDOZ is probably not suitable for you. If you think you may have allergies, consult your doctor.

USE DIGOXIN-Sandoz CAREFULLY in the following situations

If ;

If you have kidney or liver failure,

If you have heart disease,

Digoxin, like other active ingredients derived from the Digitalis plant, is toxic at high doses. Special precautions should be taken in case of various disease symptoms.

If these warnings are valid for you, even at any time in the past, please consult your doctor.

Using DIGOXIN-Sandoz with food and drink

Do not neglect to drink enough liquid beverages while you use DIGOXIN-SANDOZ.


Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medication.

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