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 Therapeutic indications

They are relaxing medicines used as a symptom reliever by reducing bronchoconstriction in asthma. They should not be used as a controlling drug.

4.2. Posology and application form

Posology / application frequency and duration:

VENTOLIN's effect in many patients is 4-6 hours.

Increased beta2 agonist use may be a sign of asthma worsening. In this case, the treatment plan of the patient may need to be reassessed and glucocorticosteroid therapy should be considered.

As side effects can be seen with overdose, dosage or administration frequency can only be increased by doctor advice.

In relieving acute bronchospasm:

Adults: 100 or 200 micrograms.

Prevention of allergy or exercise-induced bronchospasm:

Adults: 200 micrograms of exposure to the alejene or 10-15 minutes before exercise

The use of VENTOLIN as needed should not exceed 4 times a day. As such, the need for continuous use or a sudden increase in the dose indicates a worsening of asthma (see Special Precautions for Use and Special Precautions for Use).

VENTOLIN can be used as a preventive measure to relieve the symptoms of inhalers when they occur, in conditions known to the patient, such as conditions that can lead to asthma attack (eg exercise, inevitable alejene exposure).

Method of Application:

VENTOLIN inhaler is only used by inhalation.

Patients suffering from coordination difficulty when using pressure-gauge dose inhalers can apply VENTOLIN with a Volumatic ™ spacer.

Additional information on special populations:

Kidney / Liver failure:

There is no data.

Pediatric population:

For children between 2-12 years: 100 micrograms, 200 micrograms of the dose can be taken if necessary.

12 years and over in children: Adult is applied to the desire.

Prevention of allergy or exercise-induced bronchospasm:

In children between 2 and 12 years old: 100 μg before exposure to alejene or exercise, 200 μg of the dose can be removed when necessary.

12 years and over in children: Adult is applied to the desire.

For additional information on use in children under 4 years of age refer to "5.1. Pharmacodynamic Properties "section.

Children under the age of 5 may use a Volumatic ™ spacer device or a Babyhaler ™ spacer device with a face mask to facilitate application.

Geriatric population:

4.3. contraindications

VENTOLIN is contraindicated in patients with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients (see List of Auxiliary Items).

4.4. Special use warnings and precautions

A stepwise treatment program should be followed in the treatment of asthma and the response of the patient should be monitored clinically and with lung function tests.

The increase in the use of short-acting beta2 agonists to control symptoms is indicative of worsening of asthma control. In this case, the treatment plan of the patient should be re-evaluated.

Sudden and progressive deterioration in asthma control is potentially life-threatening and should be considered for starting corticosteroid therapy or increasing the dose. Patients at risk can begin daily peak flow controls.

Patients should be advised not to increase the frequency of dosing or administration, but to seek medical attention if the relief they provide from the medication is diminished or the duration of the usual effect is shortened.

Patients with VENTOLIN thyrotoxicosis should be treated with caution.

Potential serious hypokalemia may develop as a result of beta2 agonist treatment, mainly parenteral and nebulized applications.

Particular attention should be given to acute severe asthma, as this effect may be exacerbated by xanthine derivatives, steroids, diuretic use and hypoxia. In such cases, monitoring of serum potassium levels is recommended.

If there is no relief for at least three hours with the effective doses of VENTOLIN previously used, the patient should consult a physician to take the necessary additional precautions.

In order to achieve optimal access to the lungs, care must be taken to synchronize aerosol administration with breathing by controlling the patient's inhalation technique.

4.5. Interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction

Non-selective beta-blockers such as VENTOLIN and propranolol should not be given together.

4.6. Pregnancy and lactation

General advice

Pregnancy Category: C

Women with childbearing potential / Contraception (Contraception)

There is no data on the use of salbutamol in women with childbearing potential.

Pregnancy period

Studies on animals are insufficient in terms of effects on pregnancy / and / or / embryonal / fetal development / and / or / and / or postnatal development (see section 5.3). The potential risk for humans is unknown.

Drug use should only be considered if the expected benefit to the mother is more than a possible risk to the fetus. It should not be used during pregnancy unless absolutely necessary.

During the worldwide marketing experience, various anomalies have been reported in infants of patients treated with salbutamol, including cleft palate and arm / leg defects. Some mothers used multiple drugs during their pregnancy. There is no stability in these defect occurrences, and the basal rate for congenital anomalies is 2-3%, with no linkage to the use of salbutamol.

Lactation period

Salbutamol is probably not recommended for use in mothers who suck as long as the expected benefit is not compensated for by any potential risk since the mother has gone sick. It is not known whether the salbutamol in the mother's milk has a harmful effect on the newborn.

Reproduction ability / Fertility

4.7. Effects on vehicle and machine use

8.4. Undesirable effects

The following adverse effects are given according to the organ system classification and frequency. Frequency classification:

Very diffuse 1/10 diffuse 1/100 and <1/10 diffuse> 1.000 and <1/100 sparse 1 / 10.000 and <1 / 1.000 Very infrequently <1 / 10.000.

Unknown (can not be predicted from the given data)

Very frequent and frequent events are usually determined from clinical trial data. Sparse and very rare cases are usually based on spontaneous abortions.

Immune system diseases

Very rare: angioedema, urticaria, bronchospasm, hypotension and collapse

hypersensitivity reactions

Metabolism and nutritional diseases

Rare: Hypokalemia

Beta2 agonist therapy can cause potentially serious hypokalaemia.

Nervous system diseases

Common: tremor, headache

Very rare: Hyperactivity

Cardiac diseases

Common: Tachycardia,

Uncommon: Palpitation

Very rare: including atrial fibrillation, supraventricular tachycardia, and extrasystoles

cardiac arrhythmias

4.4. Special use warnings and precautions

* Post-marketing data have been reported spontaneously, so the frequency is not known.

Vascular diseases

Rare: Peripheral vasodilation

Respiratory, thoracic disorders and mediastinal disorders

Very rare: Paradoxical bronchospasm

As in other inhalation treatments, paradoxical bronchospasm can be seen with an immediate increase in wheezing following inhalation. This situation should be treated with an alternative presentation or a different quick-acting bronchodilator. VENTOLIN should be cut immediately, if necessary, alternative treatment to the patient.

Gastrointestinal diseases

Uncommon: Irritation in the mouth and throat

Musculoskeletal disorders, connective tissue and bone diseases

4.9. Overdose and treatment

8.4. Undesirable effects

Hypokalemia may occur following VENTOLIN overdose. Serum potassium levels should be observed.

Nausea, vomiting and hyperglycemia have been reported especially in children when overdosage is caused by oral salbutamol.

VENTOLIN is the preferred antidote cardioselective beta blocker for overdose. However, beta-blockers should be used with caution in patients with a history of bronchospasm. In patients with cardiac symptoms (eg tachycardia, palpitations), treatment should be discontinued and symptomatic treatment should be performed with a cardioselective beta-blocker drug.

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