Aromasin 25 Mg 30 Tablets gredient Exemestane View larger

Aromasin 25 Mg 30 Tablets gredient Exemestane


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Aromasin 25 Mg 30 Tablets gredient Exemestane

AROMASIN® 25 mg dragee
It is taken orally.
• Active ingredient: 25 mg exemestane

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Supplementary substances: Mannitol, hypromellose, polysorbate 80, crospovidone, colloidal silica (hydrate), microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycollate (Type A), magnesium stearate, simethicone emulsion, macrogol 6000, sugar (sucrose), light magnesium carbonate, titanium dioxide E171), methyl p-hydroxybenzoate (E218), polyvinyl alcohol
You should read this USE INSTRUCTION carefully before you start using this medicine, because it contains important information for you.
• Keep these instructions for use. You can need to read again.
• If you have other questions, please talk your doctor or pharmacist.
• This medicine has been prescribed for you personally, do not give it to others.
• When using this medicine, tell your doctor or doctor if you go to the hospital.
• We sleep exactly as written in this instruction. Do not use high or low doses other than the recommended dose for the medication.
In this Instructions for Use:
1. What is AROMASIN and what is it used for?
2. Things to watch out for before using AROMASIN
3. How to use AROMASIN
4. What are the possible side effects?
5. Hiding AROMASIN
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1. What is AROMASIN and what is it used for?
Each dragee contains 25 mg of exemestane and is available for use in 30 tablets of blister packs.
Round, biconvex, approximately 6 mm in diameter gray white - light gray, one side is black ink and "7663" printed sugar coated tablets.
AROMASINE belongs to a drug group known as an aromatase inhibitor. These drugs, especially in post-menopausal women, interact with sex hormones, a substance called aromatase, which is essential for the production of estrogens. Reducing the level of estrogen in the body is a way of treating hormone dependent breast cancer.
Postmenopausal hormone receptor-positive (estrogen and / or progesterone receptor) early stage breast cancer patients are indicated with a time to complete 5 years after the total hormonal therapy period after 2-3 years of tamoxifen use.
It is indicated in the treatment of advanced breast cancer patients with postmenopausal hormone receptor positive (estrogen and / or progesterone receptor) and in patients with advanced disease after endocrine therapy.
2. Things to watch out for before using AROMASIN
DO NOT USE AROMASIN in the following situations
• If you have previously had an allergic reaction to any of the excipients or auxiliaries in AROMASIN (listed above)
• If you have not yet entered the menopause, ie your monthly menstrual bleeds,
• If you are pregnant or you are pregnant,
• If you are breastfeeding.
• If you have a liver or kidney problem,
• If you have inherited problems with fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption or sucrose-isomaltase insufficiency as this product contains sucrose,
• Your doctor may want you to measure your bone density before you start taking this medicine. The reason is that drugs of this class reduce the levels of feminine hormones and this can reduce the strength of the bone by bringing the bones into the missing form in the mineral content.
Please consult your doctor if these warnings apply to you, even at any time in the past.
Use of AROMASIN with food and drink
AROMASINE should be taken at approximately the same time each day after the meal.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medication.
If you are pregnant, do not use AROMASIN.
If you notice that you are pregnant during your treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist immediately.
Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using this medication.
If you are breastfeeding, do not use AROMASIN.
Vehicle and machine use
When using AROMASIN, do not drive or use machinery if you feel numb and weak or if you get dizzy.

Important information about some auxiliary substances in the content of AROMASIN
AROMASIN contains sucrose. Patients with infrequent fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption or sucrose-isomaltase insufficiency inheritance problems should not use this medicinal product.
AROMASIN contains a low amount of methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, possibly causing allergic reactions to delayed type.
Use with other medicines
• Tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines at the same time as AROMASIN.
• AROMASIN should not be used at the same time as hormone replacement therapy.
• Use caution when taking other medicines while taking AROMASIN.
• Tell your doctor if you are taking rifampicin (an antibiotic), carbamazepine or phenytoin (used in the treatment of sickle disease).
• If you use a herbal medicine (St.Johns Wort, Hypericum perforatum) or a medication containing it, you should mention it to your doctor.
Please inform your doctor or pharmacist if you are using or have recently used any medicine with or without a prescription.
3. How to use AROMASIN
Instructions for proper use and dose / application frequency:
• Your doctor will determine the daily dose and duration of treatment.
• The recommended daily dose is 25 mg once.
Application path and method:
• AROMASIN is taken orally.
• After dosing, doses should be taken at approximately the same time each day.
Different age groups:
Use in children:
It is not suitable for use in children.
Use in the elderly:
Dosage adjustment is not necessary.
Special use cases:
Kidney / Liver failure:
Dose adjustment is not necessary for patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency.
If you have an impression that the effect of AROMASIN is too strong or weak, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
If you use more AROMASIN than you need:
If you use AROMASIN, you should talk to a doctor or pharmacist.
If you forget to use AROMASIN:
If you forget your medicine, remember not to remember. If you remember at a time near your next dose, take your medicine at your usual time.
Do not take double doses to compensate for forgotten doses.
4. What are the possible side effects?
As with all medicines, there may be side effects in people sensitive to substances in the content of AROMASIN.
Many women may not experience any problems when using AROMASIN, but some women may experience mild to moderate side effects.
Below, all the side effects are listed according to their frequency of occurrence.
Side effects are classified as shown in the following categories:
Very common: it can be seen in at least one of 10 patients.
Common: less than one in 10 patients, but more than one in 100 patients.
Uncommon: less than one in 100 patients, but more than one in 1,000 patients.
Rare: less than one in 1,000 patients.
Very rare: less than one in 10,000 patients.
Unknown: It can not be predicted by moving from the available data.
Very common side effects:
• Hot press
• Sick feeling
• Fatigue
• Difficulty sleeping
• Headache
• Increase in perpetuity
• Muscle and joint pain
• Nausea

Common side effects:
• Loss of appetite
• Depression
• dizziness
• Carpal tunnel syndrome (pinning, stinging, numbness and pain affecting the entire hand except for small fingers)
• Ache
• Abdominal pain
• Vomiting
• Constipation
• Indigestion
• Diarrhea
• Skin rash
• Hair loss
• Osteoclasis
• Bone breakage
• Swelling in hands and feet
Uncommon side effects:
• Drowsiness
Muscle weakness
If you have any tests done at the hospital, it can be determined that your liver functions and the amount of your white blood cells (lymphocytes) in your circulation change.
AROMASIN reduces the level of feminine hormones, which can lead to loss of mineral content of bones, loss of bone strength and sometimes breakage.
In post-marketing experience, liver inflammation (hepatitis) and liver inflammation (cholestatic hepatitis) due to excretion disorder were seen from bile ducts.
If you encounter any side effects not mentioned in these instructions for use, please inform your doctor or pharmacist.
5. Hiding AROMASIN
Keep AROMASIN in its place and on its packaging that children can not see, can not reach.
Keep it at room temperature below 30ºC.
Use in accordance with expiration dates.
Do not use AROMASIN after the expiry date stated on the package.
Do not use AROMASIN if you notice any defects in the product and / or packaging.

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