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Seroquel 200 Mg 30 Tablets quetiapine


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Seroquel 200 Mg 30 Tablets  quetiapine

What is SEROQUEL and what is it used for?

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SEROQUEL is a white colored, round film coated tablet. One side of the tablet is' SEROQUEL 'and the other 200' is flat.

SEROQUEL 200 mg is available in packages of 30 and 60 tablets.

SEROQUEL is a drug that belongs to the group of drugs called quetiapine, antipsychotics (drugs used in the treatment of psychiatric diseases).

This group of drugs is effective in the treatment of certain psychiatric disorders, such as:

• Hallucinations (such as unexplained sounds), strange and frightening thoughts, behavior and changes of thought, and confusion

• Over-enthusiastic or excited mood. People in this state of emotion; they may find that they need less sleep than usual, that they are more talkative,


thoughts or ideas flow rapidly. They may be unusually tense.

• Aggressive mood. People in this mood may experience pessimism, guilt, loss of energy, decreased appetite, and / or insomnia.

When you feel better, your doctor may continue to give you SEROQUEL to prevent the symptoms from recurring.

It may be useful to tell a relative or friend that you are uncomfortable with these symptoms and ask them to read these instructions. You can ask them to tell you if they think your symptoms are deteriorating or if they are concerned about other changes in your behavior.

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